What is Micro-needling and how this can help you?

Microneedling is an anti-ageing precedure that stimulates collagen production and allows better absorption of cosmetically active substances. with this effective procedure based on fine needle penetration, which can be precisely controlled, fantastic result can be achieved.

How it works?

The physiological basis is very simple: to create programmed and controlled micro-damage on the skin, which will naturally respond to this stimuli by increased production of collagen and new cells in that skin zone. 

Depending on the depth of he needle penetration, Microneedling pen can achieve different levels of skin rejuvenation: from the simple improvement of the of the absorption of cosmetic products to the clinical treatment of various damage.

For what purpose is used?  

  • Wrinkles

  • Increasing the elastine 

  • Texture and skin tone

  • Expanded pores

  • Texture of the skin on the neck

Scars of acne and other trauma

  • Melasma and pigmentation 

  • Alopacia

  • Stretch marks  ​



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